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With RegitArt, we want to improve and simplify the work of gaining control of art. If you are an existing customer, log in above or below right.
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Our customers

Today we help over 100 customers to manage their art daily with RegitArt. We work closely together and would like information about things that work well and things that we can get better at. RegitArt is a web-based tool where i.a. municipalities, organizations and companies register and manage their art. This is to document works of art in public or private environments in order to prevent and detect damage, loss and theft. The documentation is used as a basis for annual inventory, damage and police reports. If you are interested in an account in RegitArt's art database, please contact us for more information.

About RegitArt

Appreciated features

RegitArt has been developed into a simple system with many functions. It is our customers who give us feedback on new features.

On the left is the flow where you can easily create inventory lists and then email them to those in charge in the organization. They can then click on a link and mark which works have been found or missing. They can also add a comment about status or something else.

Some other appreciated features are: Own favorite lists, Lending and return, Ordering labels via RegitArt's order function.


RegitArt was created in 2013 by RIW Software following several requests from Sweden's Municipalities. There was a lack of a simple, cost-effective and secure system on the market. RIW Software then developed RegitArt. We had extensive experience after many years of collaboration with the Swedish Arts Council. RegitArt is developed and adapted to meet the requirements of the art director and auditors at e.g. Sweden's municipalities.

RIW Software Technology AB currently develops, supports and operates RegitArt, but it is owned by ArtSafe AB, which also has the Art Database and RiwArt in its portfolio of products.

Boka utbildning eller demonstration

Here, as both an existing and a new customer, you can book a review of RegitArt. When you have registered an interest, we will contact you to book the appropriate time.

1. Existing customer: We decide based on the need which functions we go through. Then a web meeting is booked where you can participate in several at the same time.

2. New customer or interested: We do a quick review via web meeting where we go through the most common functions and you can ask questions and explain how you work with art. Contact us at: info@riwsoftware.com

Contact Us

You can contact us by calling, emailing or visiting us, see below. If you have anything you need or need help with, contact us and we will be happy to help you!